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The Durutti Column \ Another Setting [FBN 30 / CD]

Remastered vinyl and CD editions of Another Setting, the third album by The Durutti Column originally issued by Factory and Factory Benelux in 1983.

Another Setting was recorded at Strawberry Studio in Stockport and produced by Chris Nagle, a favourite engineer of Martin Hannett. The 11 track album contains several acknowledged Durutti classics, notably haunting instrumental Prayer (burnished with cor anglais by Maunagh Fleming) and The Beggar, an unusually muscular vocal song and probably the closest Vini Reilly has edged to rock music. Elsewhere Smile in the Crowd would be covered by Depeche Mode mainman Martin Gore on his 1989 solo project Counterfeit.

Bonus tracks on the CD include exemplary live versions of The Beggar and Bordeaux, plus non-album single I Get Along Without You Very Well, a Hoagy Carmichael cover sung by Lindsay Reade, the former wife of Factory foreman Tony Wilson. Also included are two tracks issued on a highly collectible Japan-only 7" single, Love Fading and For Noriko, as well as Piece for Out of Tune Grande Piano from an earlier EP on Factory Benelux, Deux Triangles.

The CD is packaged in a 6 panel digipack on white reverse board, restoring the original artwork by Mark Farrow with cover paintings by Jackie Williams. Core album remaster by Kier Stewart.

A limited double disc edition of FBN 30 is also available on green vinyl, with the core album on disc 1 and a previously unreleased live performance from Pandora's Box Festival in Rotterdam (4/9/1983) on disc 2. The gatefold sleeve is printed on white matt board. Includes free digital copy of vinyl tracks.

CD tracklist:

1. Prayer
2. Response
3. Bordeaux
4. For a Western
5. The Beggar
6. Francesca
7. Smile in the Crowd
8. You've Heard It Before
9. Dream of a Child
10. Second Family
11. Spent Time
12. I Get Along Without You Very Well
13. Love Fading
14. For Noriko
15. Bordeaux (live at WOMAD)
16. The Beggar (live at La Cigale)
17. Piece for Out of Tune Grande Piano

2xLP tracklist:

A1. Prayer
A2. Response
A3. Bordeaux
A4. For a Western
A5. The Beggar
A6. Francesca
B1. Smile in the Crowd
B2. You've Heard It Before
B3. Dream of a Child
B4. Second Family
B5. Spent Time
C1. Sketch for Dawn (live)
C2. Sketch for Summer (live)
C3. Conduct (live)
C4. Pauline (live)
C5. Jacqueline (live)
D1. Stains (live)
D2. Estoril a Noite (live)
D3. The Beggar (live)
D4. I Get Along Without You Very Well

Available on CD and 2xLP. Vinyl is available either as a combination of blue and green vinyl, or 2 different shades of green. To order any format please first select correct shipping option (UK, Europe, Rest of World) and then click on Add To Cart button below the cover image.

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Another Setting [FBN 30 CD]
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"The new album is very different and very mixed. It has brass sections and a lot of piano, the guitar's treated differently, and I'm muffing notes a lot. There's an old Hoagy Carmichael song on it. It's a strange arrangement, a really beautiful song" (Vini Reilly, 1982)

"Quintessentially stunning guitar ruminations" (Mojo, 10/2015)

"None more Mancunian. Reilly applies his dappled guitar to gently mesmeric effect, and there's an air of sunny-but-overcast ambience. Highlights include the oboe-tinged Smile in the Crowd and live versions of The Beggar and Bordeaux" (Classic Pop, 02/2016)

"Opener Prayer is an instrumental with a Soft Verdict touch. The most bizarre song however is I Get Along Without You Very Well, featuring the vocals of Lindsay Reade, who is the former wife of Tony Wilson. Nah, she can't sing at all - but the song is just perfect!" (Peek-A-Boo, 09/2015)

"Durutti at least hit the soft spot of my heart, and with a piece of perfect reflection and elegiac calm, like Prayer, they can still capture the quietest moment. And for that I can almost forgive them anything" (NME, 1983)