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The Wake \ Clouds Disco [FBN 94]

Factory Benelux presents Clouds Disco, a vinyl single by The Wake issued in a limited edition of just 500 7" copies on Record Store Day 2015.

"These recordings were made during sessions for A Light Far Out," says singer/guitarist Caesar. "Clouds Disco is about the burgeoning Glasgow music scene of the early 1980s and our perceived place within it. The idea was to capture a little bit of the atmosphere of the time for the present day, rather than be nostalgic. Clouds Disco was an actual venue, later renamed Satellite City, which in turn became the title of an early Orange Juice song."

The cover is printed on matt reverse board and is based on artwork for an unreleased cassette edition of Here Comes Everybody, designed by Peter Saville.

Side A

Clouds Disco

Side B

The Sun is a Star

High quality Optimal pressing on 7" black vinyl. SOLD OUT.

Clouds Disco [FBN 94]
Clouds Disco [FBN 94]


"An unexpected treat is the unreleased Clouds Disco from 2012" (Uncut, 11/2014)

"Clouds Disco is almost delicious, in a Frazier Chorus sort of way" (Classic Pop, 12/2014)

"Clouds Disco is a late-period unreleased gem" (Allmusic Guide, 10/2014)