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Section 25 \ Alfresco [FBN 124]

Factory Benelux presents Alfresco, a live album by Section 25 recorded in Blackpool on 24 May 2015

This digitally recorded festival set mixes Section 25 classics old and new, performed by Beth Cassidy, Vin Cassidy, Steve Stringer, Jo Cassidy and guest Simon Topping, formerly of A Certain Ratio and Quando Quango.

In addition to the eight tracks on the vinyl disc, the package also includes a bonus CD version featuring three extra tracks: New Horizon, My Outrage, and a version of early Ratio fave All Night Party.

Cover image by Xavier Marquis. Please note that FBN 124 is a bundled vinyl + CD package only - there is no separate CD release.

LP tracklist:

A1. Wretch
A2. Beating Heart
A3. Garageland
A4. Memento
B5. You Leave Me No Choice
B6. Inner Drive
B7. Dirty Disco
B8. Looking From a Hilltop

CD tracklist:

01. New Horizon
02. Wretch
03. Beating Heart
04. Garageland
05. Memento
06. You Leave Me No Choice
07. Inner Drive
08. Dirty Disco
09. Looking From a Hilltop
10. All Night Party
11. My Outrage

Available as black vinyl + CD package. To order please select correct shipping option and click on Add To Cart button below cover image, or else contact FBN by email for other payment options.

Alfresco [FBN 124]
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"Alfresco features some retrofitted versions of New Horizon and Looking For a Hilltop - these might trigger palpitations among the Factory faithful - a few crowd favourites in Wretch and Dirty Disco (written by 'my dad') and a string of new and old songs that don't fit anywhere other than at a Section 25 gig out in the open. A Certain Ratio's Simon Topping has, of late, become a fifth member of sorts by lending his alleyway baritone to the 2015 RSD single You Leave Me No Choice and the fizzing rendition of his former band's All Night Party (with drums). He should do this more often" (Flipside, 04/2016)

Alfresco [FBN 124]