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The Durutti Column \ M24J (Anthology) [FBN 164 / CD]

M24J (Anthology) is a collection of valuable passages recorded by The Durutti Column between 1979 and 2011 for various iterations of Factory Records, including poignant tributes to Anthony H. Wilson and Ian Curtis.

Available as a gatefold double vinyl (with bonus 7") and 2xCD set, M24J includes selections from The Return of the Durutti Column, LC, Another Setting, Short Stories for Pauline, Without Mercy, Circuses and Bread, The Guitar and Other Machines, Vini Reilly, Obey the Time, Treatise on the Steppenwolf and A Paean to Wilson.

Reilly's music remains resolutely unclassifiable, and sounds better and better with each passing year. "Don't listen to the form," he insists, "listen to the content. Don't listen to the style, the tradition, the technique, just the content of the music. Then judge. People say The Durutti Column is this or that. I don't care so long as we make good music. There's so much good music around. Don't bother with form. Just enjoy."

Bonus tracks on the CD version include three tracks recorded live in Leeds in October 1980, these being the earliest preserved professional in-concert recordings by Vini Reilly. The bonus 7" included in the vinyl package features two previously unreleased live recordings: a cover of Peter Green's Albatross recorded in 2004, and Spooky Tune, recorded with Poppy Morgan at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester in 2011, Vini's last major concert to date.

The remastered 2xCD set is housed in a jewel case; copies ordered direct from FBN are delivered in a Factory Benelux slipcase. The vinyl version is housed in a double gatefold sleeve printed on white matt board and includes as a digital copy (MP3).

2xCD tracklist:

Disc 1 (CD)

1. Sketch for Summer
2. Conduct
3. Lips That Would Kiss
4. For Belgian Friends
5. Danny
6. Messidor
7. The Beggar (live)
8. Prayer
9. Mercy Theme (Duet)
10. Estoril a Noite
11. College
12. All That Love and Maths Can Do
13. Pauline
14. Arpeggiator
15. Catos con Guantes
16. Otis
17. Love No More
18. My Country

Disc 2 (CD)

1. Home
2. Art and Freight
3. My Only Love
4. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 1)
5. The Title On the Cover
6. Bruce
7. The Missing Boy
8. Anthony (Favourite Descending Intervals)
9. A Paean to Wilson I: Or Are You Just a Technician?
10. A Paean to Wilson II: Chant
11. A Paean to Wilson IX: Darkness Here
12. Glimpse
13. Detail for Annik (live 1980)
14. Sketch for Summer (live 1980)
15. Requiem for a Father (live 1980)

2xLP + 7" tracklist:

Disc 1

A1. Sketch for Summer
A2. Lips That Would Kiss
A3. For Belgian Friends
A4. Danny
A5. Messidor
B1. Mercy Theme (Duet)
B2. Estoril a Noite
B3. All That Love and Maths Can Do
B4. Catos con Guantes

Disc 2

C1. Prayer
C2. Otis
C3. Love No More
C4. Home
C5. A Beautiful Thought
D1. Anthony (Favourite Descending Intervals)
D2. A Paean to Wilson I: Or Are You Just a Technician?
D3. A Paean to Wilson II: Chant
D4. A Paean to Wilson IX: Darkness Here
D5. Glimpse

Disc 3 (7")

E1. Albatross (live in Nottingham 2004)
F1. Spooky Tune (live in Manchester 2011)

Available on CD, gatefold double vinyl (+7") and MP3 (vinyl tracklist). To order please select correct shipping option and click on Add To Cart button below cover image, or else contact FBN by email for other payment methods. FOR RELEASE IN SEPTEMBER 2018.

M24J (Anthology) [FBN 164]
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